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Monedas de la República Oriental del Uruguay

Complete catalog of Uruguayan coins since 1840 to the present,
with wide numismatic and historical information.

New Uruguayan coins with animals of the wild autochthonous fauna.

The Uruguay is a Republic of scarce territorial extension, located in the southern tip of the American continent. Their life like independent country is near to the bicentennial. In 1840, hardly one decade after the beginning of the construction of the national State, they are coined in Montevideo the first coins with denomination "República Oriental del Uruguay". In spite of lacking mining tradition and not to have developed the infrastructures to possess national mint, equally, from that moment to the present, Uruguay accumulated a significant numismatic acquis. With the desire to diffuse that rich patrimony and to share with collectors and investigators all the information that can meet in the matter, from 2005 is built in Internet the site "Monedas de la República Oriental del Uruguay". In this article the diverse sections are described so that the visitors can familiarize with the available material.

(CATALOG BY YEARS) For the historical interest of the numismatic study, the first section and classification method of the catalog is for date. Here images and details of two hundreds of pieces of legal course are exposed, with denomination "República Oriental del Uruguay", coined from 1840 to the present, ordered by the four monetary signs used in the country (Strong Peso, Peso, New Peso and Uruguayan Peso). With special relevance on the visual aspects, the descriptive record of each piece, besides presenting obverse and reverse in detail of great size, has a second couple of images in relative real scale to the other of the catalog and with the indication of the turn. Module, weight, mint, metal, emission, period of circulation and the pertinent observations are also pointed out. Among the most interesting pieces for the visitor stand out the “Cinquiño”, the “Sun of Tail”, the “Peso of Siege”, the “Peso of Shipwreck”, the “Silver Cougar”, all the series of the popular “Vintén”, the “Chanchita” of silver, the “Gaucho" of silver, etc.

(SERIES) Also the pieces are not exemplary isolated. It was important to include a space to value them in their design context and scale. The images were ordered this way in cones or monetary series that allow a group perspective.

(ESSAYS) Separated from the coins of legal course, this section presents the essays, trials and special issues that accompanied each process of coinage. They stand out pieces as the "40 Reales" of 1840, the "Doubloon of Gold" of 1870 and the "Artigas" of Michelena.

(VALUES) To facilitate the search, a listing was also included, ordered by the monetary signs and the facial values of the pieces, what allows another quick access to the same ones.

(METALS) In this section information is included about the different metals, its characteristics, etymology and historical and economic importance, as well as a classification of the Uruguayan pieces divided by the metals in that they were coined.

(MINTS) To collaborate in the identification task, we incorporate a listing of Official Mints hired by Uruguay, with their marks in great size for their easy appreciation. This page connects with the websites of the Mints and with the respective Uruguayan pieces that they coined.

(VARIANTS) For many of the monetary issues several stamps have been used, that have subtle differences, in other cases it has varied the turn of the pieces or smaller changes have appeared for the style. Discussions sometimes appear about the value of these variants, but anyway in this section all the well-known and reported are listed.

(UNCOINED) Becoming historical it has impeded many times that, coinages decreed by Law, were taken to term. Here all the cases are listed, linked to their respective norm. The essays are not included, since these, at least, were able to be materialized beyond that written.

(TOPICS) One of the main objectives of the site is establish a strong knot of knowledge among each coin and the circumstances represented in it. In each piece, information of the elements that compose it is included, of the artists that developed those images and a base of information that it improves the appreciation of the same ones. In this section all those varied thematics are ordered.

(LAWS) In Uruguay, for constitutional command, is the Legislative Power who has the exclusive competition of the decision of coining coins. Having present this, the site has an appendix with the laws that created each one of our coins. These texts, among laws, ordinances and resolutions, have an important value since they collaborate to locate the pieces in their historical and political context, to know the reasons of their coinage, of their circulation retirement and until the destination of the dividends that they generated.

(GLOSARY) Not all who visit the site should be numismatist experts. For them, a glossary was included with terms, among technicians, idioms and local denominations. In definitive, the intention is that until a neophyte it finishes with a clear scene from our monetary when concluding his visit.

(LINKS) It can also meet a page with links to the Issuing Banks, to the Official Mints with those that Uruguay has operated, to national coins catalogs of other countries, with similar characteristic to this, to national portals and numerous friend site with the same interest in shared the numismatist.

(BIBLIOGRAPHY) For those who want to know more about the Uruguayan numismatist, we mention multiple books and printed, national and international publications, that have been support and inspiration for the development of the site.

We hope the site will be interesting and help to order and to value the pieces of collectors. We will receive with pleasure the comments, critical and explanations. For they also find a connection to our e-mail. We care the diffusion of the national patrimony a lot. We want to make it in the right way and the trial of our visitors confirm or correct our intentions.